The school is governed by the Board of Trustees who is charged by the Vestry, the governing body of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, to hold in trust the integrity of the school and to uphold its mission, goals, and objectives. The Board is also charged to employ the Head of School who has the authority for the day-to-day operation of the school.

The Board of Trustees is composed of up to 22 elected voting members. Members are elected by the Trustees on a rotating basis, for three-year terms. The Rector is a non-elected voting member, and an additional voting member is appointed by the Vestry of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd for a one-year term. A Trustee may be re-elected to a consecutive three-year term, but is not eligible for re-election for one year following the expiration of the second term. An elected Trustee may not serve more than six consecutive years.

All meetings of the Board are closed and attendance is limited to elected Board members, ex-officio members, and appointed and invited administrative support staff. Meetings are held approximately every other month beginning in September and are normally held on the 2nd Monday of the month. Parents who wish to address the Board may request to do so by submitting an email, stating the issue to be addressed, to the President of the Board via email at at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting to allow for adequate planning. The President will determine whether the individual may address the Board and the amount of meeting time allotted for the issue.

Strategic in its scope, The Board of Trustees upholds and promotes the mission of Good Shepherd Episcopal School, holding fiduciary responsibility for GSES long term. Key areas of Board activity include:

  • Planning – Development and monitoring of Good Shepherd Episcopal School’s strategic plan, with approval of all objectives and strategies.
  • Policy – Formulating and review of policies affecting school life.
  • Audit - An independent auditor is contracted with and performs an audit every year; the Independent Auditor's Report is presented to and reviewed by the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees and the full Board of Trustees.
  • Development – Approval and monitoring of the comprehensive development plan (i.e., capital campaign, marketing, public relations)

Board members represent present and future generations, not specific constituencies. The Board is comprised of parishioners, non-parishioners, current parents, past parents, and members from outside the Good Shepherd community. To be considered for a position on the Board of Trustees, please complete this form.

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Laura Kelsoe, President
Elizabeth Todd, Ph.D., Vice President
John Kukla, Secretary
Chris Savage, Vestry Representative
The Rev. Michael Mills, Rector
Erik Bruno
Shilpa Cagle
Sandy Doerge
Rebekah Gardner
Michael Grabham
Julie Hagood
Julie Harvey
Santiago Jorba
Andrew Kahl
Justin Kimble
Sunny Logsdon
Terri Marlett
Matthew McCabe
Chip Miller
Andrea Shurley
Brent Truelove
Emily Vafa
Jeffrey Wier
Ex-Officio Member:
Dr. Julie McLeod, Head of School