RESCHEDULED - Design Institute with the Stanford K12 Lab

Design Institute with the stanford k12 lab will be rescheduled for fall 2021


Good Shepherd is thrilled to partner with the Stanford K12 Lab once again to host the fifth Design Institute with Dallas-area educators. At the same time, we acknowledge this year has been unlike any other in recent memory, disrupting the way we live, work, and connect with each other. It is important to remember the decisions we make now as classroom leaders in our school systems will have a long-lasting effect.

Design thinking is more important than ever – to all educators, across and between schools. To explore the role of design thinking in a world characterized by uncertainty, the K12 Lab has explored topics on the front line of design education. Topics like Futures Thinking, Disseminating Best Practices, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, School Safety, and Artificial Intelligence have the power to enrich our understanding of education and design. While these ideas have long-been in the domain of researchers, programmers, and strategists, the K12 Lab has spent the last two years exploring ways to transform these heady topics into accessible resources and tools for teachers, students, and schools. During this four-day experience, we will explore how design thinking is at the intersection of these ideas, and how classroom teachers and school leaders can use them in their schools to shape the future of learning.

Like all workshops, this experience will be hands-on,  utilize engaging, collaborative group activities between all participants and filled with a few delightful surprises. We will be using a series of online collaboration tools that you could turn around and implement in your classroom. Be ready to open a swag box, and join us! 

Note: If you are new to design thinking, we will offer a 3-hour booster session prior to the workshop.



Laura McBain
Co-Director, K12 Lab

Laura joined the’s K12 Lab Network after spending 10 years at High Tech High in San Diego, where she was the Director of External Relations and the Director of Education Leadership Academy at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. She has B.A. in English and minors in Political Science and Spanish from Miami University and an Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Laura is an avid runner, runs an educational podcast, and is always ideating. 

Ariel Raz
Head of Learning Collaboration, K12 Lab

Ariel builds irresistible learning experiences that inspire learners to engage in creative work. He currently works as Head of Learning Collaborations at Stanford University’s and holds the title of lecturer at the School of Engineering. In the past, he wore a number of hats in the realm of education, from college tutor to Teach for America classroom teacher to school founder at KIPP Bloom, a middle school in the Chicago Southside. Ariel holds a B.A. in Film & Rhetoric from UC-Berkeley and an M.A. in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford University.



The K12 Lab is a catalyst for creative confidence in the elementary and secondary education sectors. Through workshops, resources or tools, we teach using immersive real-world projects where creative problem-solving matters most. We aim to obliterate opportunity gaps in K-12 education by experimenting with new models and sharing design approaches with stakeholders in the K-12 sector. Our experiences bias towards action and by jumping into new, invigorating ways of learning, educators have stretched beyond their comfort zone to develop new skills and mindsets.