Parent Education: Healthy Gaming

Dr. Lester Clowes and Dr. Bobo Blankson will be here to lead a discussion with our parents on healthy gaming. Our boys love to game, but how can we help them develop healthy habits and maintain a well-rounded life while still including their favorite pastime? Drs. Clowes and Blankson are the founders of Gamer Wellness, an organization and website dedicated to educate and support parents in all-things-gaming. They are gamers, themselves, and they want to help parents and children, alike, find balance in their daily lives.

parent education coffee: healthy gaming

Thurs., February 21
8:30 AM
Free Event
Good Shepherd Campus

Dr. Clowes will also be working with our middle school boys on how to be positive and effective leaders. As a consultant, he works with corporations and individuals to help them set benchmarks to achieve goals. He will be bringing this experience, as well as his knowledge of adolescents, to our boys develop the same skills they need to be successful, not only in high school, but also in life. Learning how to motivate others in achieving goals, and working as a team, are keys to great leadership, and Dr. Clowes will be helping our boys learn how to develop these valuable skills.

Dr. Lester Clowes

Dr. Clowes has worked in the field of education in various capacities for sixteen years, with thirteen of those focused on supporting troubled and at-risk teenagers and their families. During this time, he has also led efforts in opening over a dozen private schools across the country. He earned his bachelor's degree in history from the University of Memphis, master’s degree in teaching from Christian Brothers University, and his doctorate degree in educational leadership from the University of Southern California. His dissertation focused on the integration of technology and the resulting impact on culture and leadership, and his work was nominated in 2015 for USC’s dissertation of the year. Dr. Clowes has spent the last two years building a coaching and consulting practice focused on human performance. His clients currently stretch across five countries, from the tech industry to Hollywood, and he still keeps one foot in the adolescent world.

Dr. Bobo Blankson

A graduate of Harvard College and the Yale School of Medicine, Kwabena “Bobo” Blankson is a board-certified pediatrician with subspecialty training in adolescent medicine. During his thirteen years of military service, Dr. Bobo had the privilege of working with real American heroes and fulfilling a dream that began in his childhood: taking care of G.I. Joes (and Janes). He moved to Dallas, TX in 2015, partnering with Girls to Women Health and Wellness Clinic to launch Young Men’s Health and Wellness, a gender-based medical clinic offering holistic care to teens and young adults. He concurrently serves as a medical consultant to the positive psychology consulting firm GoodThink, with a focus on positive medicine and culinary medicine. Dr. Bobo has published in peer-reviewed journals on adolescent healthcare utilization, obesity, sports injury, and energy-drink consumption and has been featured on,,,,,, and more. Most recently, he served as a featured expert on Oprah’s Happiness Course and joined the Board of Advisors for Athlete Foundry, a startup aimed at preparing student-athletes for a life in and beyond sports.