State of the School

In prior years, Good Shepherd has offered a more traditional meeting time to address the State of the School with our community. This year we have compiled this valuable information for you as a series of videos on this special page. Please enjoy these Leading Thoughts videos by Head of School Dr. Julie McLeod to learn more about us and the ways in which this community lives its mission every day.

Good Shepherd Episcopal School inspires children to LEARN with confidence, SERVE with compassion, and LEAD with courage. The subject matter in each of the videos below reflects different aspects of the school’s mission and demonstrates the many ways in which our students benefit from each mission component. 


What High Schools say

Space Week

ERB - Reading

ERB - Math

Celebration of Giving


Reggio Emilia

Hurricane Harvey - NBC 5

Dignity #1

Dignity #2

Dignity #3

Hurricane Harvey - Fox 4

Good Shepherd Episcopal School is unique among private schools, including in its financial operations. Because the school operates without a gap between tuition revenue and operating costs, the Annual Campaign can provide additional funding and programming to benefit our students. Our new Tuition Guarantee Program was developed to help our parents make the educational experience affordable. 

The videos included in this section explain both programs. 

Annual Campaign

Tuition Guarantee Program

The Board of Trustees is charged by the Vestry, the governing body of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, to hold in trust the integrity of the school and to uphold its mission, goals, and objectives. They are responsible for maintaining the financial integrity and stability of the school for the present and for the long term. The Board of Trustees is also charged to employ the Head of School who has the authority for the day-to-day operation of the school.

David Frase