None of us know what the future holds. So we teach our kids to think and do for themselves. We give our students the skills and substance to be adaptable, versatile, and able to think on their feet.

Our curriculum is fine-tuned, to the last detail. Everything we do academically at Good Shepherd, beginning with PreK, is intentional and deliberate, and intended to be customizable to the unique learning styles of each child. Our reasonable size and PreK-8 focus give us the flexibility to get creative where it pays off, innovate where needed to stay on the cutting edge and keep things traditional where tradition can’t be improved upon.

The incredible teachers here have perfected a delicate balance between telling their students what they need to know, and letting them figure things out for themselves.

Up and down the curriculum, we encourage teamwork, partnership, and camaraderie among our students. From the class-wide Classroom of the Earth trips, where our kids tame the wilderness together, to the ensemble music making of an Orff class, to the new SPARQ Innovation Space in the Library that is designed to foster collaboration and a sense of shared purpose, each of our programs encourages the development of these habits of mind.

Beyond academics, at Good Shepherd there’s no faith without works. Our Episcopalian faith fosters a deep commitment to community service. We teach our kids to have open hearts to the needs of others and we often find that they surprise us and take the lead in meeting needs that they have identified.