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Lower School

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In first through fourth grade, we provide a balanced environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters experiential learning. 

Lower School instructors allow plenty of time for play, movement, and collaboration while simultaneously introducing more structured, focused learning. Both the daily curriculum and special programs are designed to build confidence through teamwork and shared objectives. We support the whole student — offering one-on-one guidance and encouraging healthy social interaction. 

A family atmosphere

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Small, self-contained classrooms contribute to student-centered learning, close collaboration, and deep relationships between students, instructors, and parents.

Stepping Up to Middle School (and beyond)

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Experiential learning encourages creativity, investigation, and flexibility and prepares students for the types of projects they'll encounter in Middle School.

Learn, Serve, and Lead

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By the end of the fourth grade, students are ready to follow their own paths and pursue their potential  equipped with the skills to live out the GSES mission.

The Lower School equips students with tools for future success:





sense of purpose



At Good Shepherd our programs build upon one another, explore our Middle School curriculum.

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