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Affording Good Shepherd

At Good Shepherd, our focus is attracting and keeping talented kids by offering meaningful tuition assistance. We know families see tuition as an investment in their child’s future, so we strive to ease financial hurdles by supporting over 20% of our families. We look at each student's needs, the family’s situation, and the funds available to make sure deserving kids can join us, no matter their financial circumstances.

We understand that once a student joins our community, families want them to remain here through eighth grade. We want to do our part to make that happen. We also recognize how fortunate we are that over 40% of our families choose to call Good Shepherd home and enroll more than one child here. While we do not give tuition reductions for the number of children a family has in private schools, we are sensitive to this being the tipping point in some families’ ability to stay . We encourage all families with multiple students to discuss their options for tuition assistance.

The Good Shepherd Business Office uses Clarity, a third-party program, to help assess a family’s ability to pay school costs, and enable members of the Tuitions Assistance Committee to make objective and equitable tuition assistance decisions. We follow best practice guidelines as established by the National Association of Independent Schools in the granting of tuition assistance awards.

Good Shepherd is in the process of changing third-party tuition assistance application providers. Applications with our new provider - Clarity - will open on Tuesday, September 3. Please check back in the coming weeks for updates to this page and additional information about Clarity and the application process.

Please contact the Good Shepherd Business Office with any questions.