CULTURE AND COMMUNITY: to expand community awareness and engagement, to increase the sense of belonging, inclusivity and cultural competency, and to seek ways to include the community in building relationship between the school and church.


Board -  to create an Alumni Engagement Strategy, to assess board evaluation and ways to increase board diversity, to facilitate a statement about the school’s stance on diversity, to facilitate a set of community norms based on the Episcopal tenets, and to plan intentional times for the board to interact with the community.

School - to create process teams to encourage engagement and awareness in the areas of parent and alumni relations, professional learning, inclusivity and diversity, strategic staffing and retention, enrollment management, and community environment.  

“This profound dedication to the life of the community has created an environment that fosters a shared culture and purpose. Put succinctly, and accurately, by one member of the Board of Trustees, “This school is magic.”"