2020-2021 Hiring Processes and Staff Announcements

Despite these unusual times in which we find ourselves, with so much of our world as we’ve known it on hold, it is that time of year for Good Shepherd to look toward the future and announce some staffing changes for the 2020-2021 school year. While we wish for all our faculty and staff members to stay with our community forever, we know lives inevitably change, and sometimes, new chapters must begin. In our latest parent satisfaction survey, you noted a significant increase from three years ago in satisfaction around our high-quality faculty. While we have to suspend on-campus learning, we will not suspend our high standards for our faculty and staff hiring! 

We thought, in this traditional season of change, we would share our rigorous hiring process with you again so you understand how we find and attract the very best to educate and guide your children. While the process varies a bit for faculty and staff, the following information pertains to our teacher candidates. With our current suspension of on-campus learning and activities, we have modified our interview process to include online conferencing and virtual classroom time rather than campus visits. 



Obtain a Pool
of Qualified Candidates

Positions are posted on our website and on various job boards, such as the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools and the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest. We also use recruiting groups such as Southern Teachers. School leaders attend recruiting fairs, and we ask our faculty for referrals of candidates whom they respect and deem a fit for our community. 

Search Committee

The search committee consists of a division head plus faculty representation. For early childhood and lower school, the other grade level faculty members are on the committee. For middle school, the other department faculty are included.

Screening Interview

The search committee reviews resumes and completes screening interviews as needed. If the candidate is known by our faculty, the committee might elect to bypass the screening interview. 

Campus Visits/Zoom Interviews

The search committee narrows down the pool of candidates to the top three to five to invite for in-depth interviews. Candidates are expected to teach a lesson in a classroom, and interview with faculty, students, administrators, and the Head of School.


The search committee solicits feedback from all interviewers and makes its final decision. Human Resources then calls references, performs background checks, and follows up on the candidate. Finally, an offer of employment is made.  

As proud as we are of our hiring process, we always have mixed emotions at this time of year as our faculty make decisions about their futures. 

We will be hiring a Kindergarten teacher this year, as Jodi Shinnick has announced her retirement after 12 years at Good Shepherd and 15 years as an incredible educator. Mrs. Shinnick will be greatly missed as an integral part of our strong Kindergarten team.

After 16 years with Good Shepherd, Ralph Mestre has announced his retirement. Although he will sorely miss his students and colleagues, Coach Mestre looks forward to spending more time with his close-knit family.

Morgan Judy has made the difficult decision to move from Texas to further pursue her passion for outdoor adventure. Ms. Judy has successfully led our ground-breaking COE program and has instilled the love of outdoor education in our students this year. Please look for more information on our remaining COE trips in a separate email.

Taylor Jennings took an unplanned leave of absence from Good Shepherd this spring in order to focus on her health. Her brain tumor returned, and her doctors set forth a new treatment plan, involving surgery and subsequent radiation. Next year, she will take on the role as our Mathematics Instructional Coach for the school, and we will be hiring an 8th grade Algebra teacher. 

We know any change is difficult, especially when  we have already experienced so many changes these past few weeks as we traversed uncharted territory with COVID-19. While all of our on-campus learning, activities, athletics, and COE trips remain disappointingly on hold until we know more about COVID-19 and its movement through our city and state, please know we continue as a community to move forward with future plans for Good Shepherd. We thank you for your continued patience, grace, flexibility, and support as we remain steadfast as partners in this new world! 

Best regards, 

Julie McLeod, Ph.D.
Head of School