A Message from Chaplain Rhonda

To my GSES Family,

We are in the midst of Holy Week. As we sit between Passover and Easter Sunday, Lent this year has felt monumentally unusual. Many of us have tried to reclaim this season using technology to connect to our communities. We have enjoyed wonderful services, chapels, sacred practices, and prayer gatherings through modes of virtual communication such as Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, and countless others.

While we may not be physically together, I am reminded that in Christ, we are one. As families gather this year in much smaller units within the safety of our own homes, please remember that we are all connected through Him who strengthens us. May we rejoice in the observance of this glorious resurrection.

Be blessed, stay safely sheltered in place, and may His joyous peace be with you all.

Much love, 

Chaplain Rhonda