"The Courtyard" - Please Join Me!

Dear Good Shepherd Families, 

I invite you to join me in “The Courtyard,” our new space on the web for up-to-the-minute social media feeds reflecting daily activities on our campus! This new page, on the Good Shepherd website, will be another avenue to showcase the exceptional work our faculty and staff are already doing in the classroom, and beyond! Our social media posts, stories, and podcasts will feed straight into the page to provide you that special insider view into our campus! Enjoy our latest podcast for additional information (Episode 21)!

Several of you have mentioned you miss the regular school interactions during a “normal” school year. You drop off your child in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. Some of you have said the time in between feels like a black box, and you would like a peek into the daily life of your children at school. “The Courtyard” is for you! By perusing “The Courtyard” regularly, you will see a broad picture of what happens at school and the incredible learning experiences that are happening, even during a pandemic! 

The Good Shepherd Courtyard serves as the center of our campus, the home of annual GSPO events, outdoor classes, playtime, and service projects. Now, more than ever, the Courtyard is home. Since we are separated physically from our parent community, we hope “The Courtyard” will serve as a bridge over this current COVID-19 barrier. “The Courtyard” will keep us connected while giving a glimpse into the heart of Good Shepherd! 


Julie McLeod, Ph.D.
Head of School