Ascend Health Questionnaire FAQs

In an effort to provide our families additional information about the Ascend platform we are now using every day, we decided to pull together some FAQs for easy reference.

If I have a question about the Ascend form, who should I contact at the school?

Please contact We have a team on campus who monitors this email and will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please do not call the front office, as those staff members are not responsible for monitoring the Ascend questionnaire.

I received a red “X” after entering a temperature of 99.3. What happened?

The Ascend vendor has placed an adjustment in its algorithm for the temporal method of temperature taking resulting in 99.3 registering as a fever. The school disagrees with this approach, but we are unable to modify the algorithm. Please note other methods of temperature taking do not have this adjustment. If you do receive a red “X,” please reach out to Someone on the team will override your result to receive a green check mark. Your child will be able to come to school that day if he or she is well.

I received a red “X” after checking a sore throat symptom, but it is just allergies. Does my child really have to stay home today?

The Ascend vendor’s algorithm is constantly collecting national and local data, and it frequently updates how it determines eligibility. As a result, it is possible checking just one symptom (with no fever, no exposure) will result in the red “X” if that symptom has been identified through the data as a high-risk symptom at that point in time.

Please note, however, the question about symptoms states to check “new symptoms that you are experiencing that are not associated with any underlying medical condition or medication use.” For example, known seasonal allergies would be an underlying medical condition. If your child’s symptom has a known explanation that is not COVID-related, please do not check that symptom.

In the case that you do receive a red “X” you believe is in error, please reach out to

I cannot remember my username or password. Can someone at the school tell me what it is?

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that information. For technical assistance with the Ascend site, it is best to reach out to the vendor directly at (423) 443-4532 or

My child stayed home during a recent non-COVID illness. We have been released to return to school by the clinic, but I still received a red “X” from our morning Ascend health questionnaire. What should I do?

The school requires students to be fever free for 24 hours, have an improvement in symptoms, and receive a doctor’s clearance (or negative COVID test) to return to school. There are cases in which the Ascend algorithm has identified someone as ineligible the school has otherwise determined is released to be on campus. This could happen for the next one or two days after returning from illness. We apologize for this inconvenience. The school can override the red “X” to provide a green check mark in these cases. If you have any questions or issues, please contact

When I arrived on campus and my child had his/her temperature taken, it showed as being over 100, but I know he/she did not have a fever when we left home. What should I do?

Now that the weather is beginning to turn a little cooler, we have noticed running heaters in the car may be causing some false, higher readings on the thermometers. In these cases, we have requested families pull into a parking space and allow for a few minutes to cool down to perform a retest. To avoid this slight inconvenience, you may want to consider turning down the heat or directing the warm air away from your child’s face.

How long will we be required to complete this Ascend questionnaire each morning?

We recognize this added step to your morning routine is an inconvenience on our families.  As our COVID cases continue to decline in Dallas County, the school is regularly evaluating protocols to  determine if any adjustments or changes should be made. The Ascend health questionnaire is included in those discussions. It is our hope to be able to relax protocols in the future as we journey through this uncharted territory. Thank you for your continued support in working to keep our community safe and healthy.