Call for Nominations for the Good Shepherd Episcopal School Board of Trustees and Board Committees

The GSES Board of Trustees is seeking applications from interested individuals to serve on the GSES Board of Trustees and/or Board Committees.

• The Board of Trustees will elect individuals to each serve a 3-year term on the Board beginning July 1, 2023. 
• In many circumstances, a candidate will be asked to serve on a Board Committee prior to being considered for election to the Board of Trustees.
• The Board President and Board Committee Chairs will select individuals for a 1-year term on Board Committees beginning July 1, 2023. The number of individuals who will be selected to serve on Board Committees will depend on the candidates’ qualifications and the particular needs of each Committee. 
• Board Committees include Advancement, Alumni, Audit, Committee on Trustees, Facilities, Finance, Investment, and Marketing. 
• The deadline for submitting nominations is: Friday, February 3, 2023. Please submit applications through the Governance page.

Qualifications for Trustees and Board Committees:

The key criterion for selection for service as a member of Good Shepherd Episcopal School’s Board of Trustees and its Committees is a deep personal commitment to the growth and success of Good Shepherd Episcopal School and to its mission: GSES inspires children to learn with confidence, serve with compassion, and lead with courage.

The Board of Trustees and its Committees are composed of representatives from various constituencies: members from the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd (ECGS), including its Vestry and Rector; members from the community of Good Shepherd Episcopal School (GSES) including parents and the Head of School; and members from our Dallas community at large. 

When considering potential Trustee and Board Committee members, the Board seeks applicants with the ability to serve as advocates of the School throughout and beyond the Church/School community, who will actively participate in setting strategic direction for the School, and who will contribute and secure capital contributions to achieve the School’s strategic plan. Individuals who have demonstrated a clear interest in and commitment to service, collaboration, and philanthropy exemplify potential qualified applicants. Additionally, the Board intentionally strives to be balanced with regard to gender, age, diversity, religious affiliation, and GSES families. In addition, the Board considers professional training or other individual expertise that could offer enhanced skills and perspectives to the Board and Board Committees to more effectively provide guidance to the School. 

How to Apply:

The Committee on Trustees enthusiastically welcomes applications for Board and Committee appointments from the Good Shepherd community. If you or someone you know would be a qualified candidate for the Good Shepherd Episcopal School’s Board of Trustees or one of the Board Committees, please ask the nominee to complete a Board Application Form. If you have questions about the selection process, please email