Carpool Helpful Reminders, Tips, and Tricks

Dear Good Shepherd Families,

We understand this year’s carpool routine has some continued challenges, and we are working hard to streamline the process while we keep our community protected. Each day, we are evaluating and tweaking the carpool process. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this difficult process. 

As we continue our processes to streamline carpool, here are some reminders that will help to make carpool run a bit more smoothly. 


Carpool tags - Please keep your carpool tags visible at all times once you have entered campus until your children are loaded, as this will help us move cars more quickly. We utilize carpool numbers to call students down from their classrooms, rather than dismiss entire classes or grades as we have been allowed in the past. As students are not able to gather in large groups in Kincaid, carpool might take longer than in previous years. 

Double stacking - Due to the increased volume of cars congregating at the same time, we will need to double stack cars every day to ensure our families are not blocking Midway Road. The dismissal of double-stacked lines will be alternating between lines, and will be done as fairly as possible. Please be courteous to your carpool monitors and other families, as everyone’s goal is the same - to pick up their children safely each day.

Tips and tricks: 

  1. Please do not arrive early for your carpool, especially if you have a yellow or blue tag. This creates congestion and is difficult for us to navigate and stack cars. 

        Carpool pick-up times: 
        Kindergarten and Primer - 2:50 PM
        1st and 2nd grade - 3:05 PM 
        3rd and 4th grade - 3:15 PM 

  1. If you have siblings, please pick up the sibling group at the oldest child’s carpool time. 

  2. At this time, you may not walk up to Kincaid to pick up your children. Please stay in your cars and utilize the carpool lines. 

  3. Please make alternate arrangements for picking up and changing clothes for students with after-school activities. Good Shepherd bathrooms will not be available this year.  

Thank you for your cooperation and patience! 

Whitney West
Director of Enrichment