Carpool Reminders, 2021-2022

Dear Good Shepherd Parents,

Happy New School Year, 2021-2022!

As we begin the school year, carpool is expected to return to procedures that were in place prior to the pandemic. Ascend screenings and temperature checks will no longer be utilized. However, please note that the school may make a modification to carpool at any time during the school year.

We have a few reminders to share as we return to school regarding traffic safety and carpool. Thank you in advance for following these instructions and for being courteous to each other.  It is always a little congested as we come back on campus and get back into the routine. These procedures will help keep you and your children safe and will allow carpool traffic to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We are currently updating our carpool maps to reflect accurate routes, and they will be added to the Community webpage as soon as possible.

Thank you for being an example of someone who is “leading with courage” for your children and to all those who come on our campus, by following the instructions outlined below: 

  • Please note it is imperative to have your carpool tags clearly visible before you enter campus. These tags help our officers to both better direct you onto campus and watch for cars who do not belong in our carpool line. 

  • Please keep your children seated with all body parts, including heads and arms, inside the car throughout drop-off and pick-up. For your child’s safety, please do not allow children to stand up through sunroofs. 

  • Please, do not text or talk on the phone when in the carpool line.  

  • Please watch your speed when entering campus. Small children are very hard to see and can quickly dart out from between cars. The safety of all children is our number one priority. 

  • Please do not arrive for carpool pick-up ahead of your child’s release time. This will reduce everyone’s wait times. Your children are released from class for pick-up at the following times:

    • PreK and Kindergarten                  2:50 p.m. 
    • Primer – Second Grade                 3:05 p.m. 
    • Third – Fourth Grade                     3:15 p.m. 
    • Fifth – Eighth Grade                       3:30 p.m.
  • If you are picking up third or fourth grade students, please stay to the far right so the younger students’ carpool families can pass on the left.  

  • Lower school (LS) students may not be dropped off or picked up in middle school (MS) carpool. If you do have both a MS and LS student, please use the LS carpool line for drop-off.  MS students may walk themselves to their designated location. 

  • Excluding our mid-day PreK pick-up, there is no drop-off or pick-up of any students in front of Trinity Gym, Nichols Hall, Nix, or Kelsoe Cottage.  There are fire lane areas for emergency vehicles only. Please do not drop off or pick up your children from these locations. You may park if space is available and walk with your children to Kincaid or their designated location. 

  • We will often be required to double stack cars in order to prevent back-up on Midway Road. We know this can seem confusing and at times can be a tight fit, so please be patient as our staff provides direction to move you through this process as efficiently and safely as possible. We will ask you to merge back into a single line as you round the first bend just north of the church. 

  • Cars are allowed to pass to the farthest left in order to park when picking up their children. Please know they are not cutting in front of you as you wait or drive through the carpool line. 

  • Please do not park in the right lane in front of the church during carpool hours. We need this space for a carpool lane. 

  • Please be neighborly. When there is stacking on Midway or Northaven, do not block any street or alley access that is utilized by our friends and neighbors.

  • When you see our police officers, please thank them for their amazing service to us each and every day. We are very grateful for the gifts of their time and talent in rain, snow, or heat. They truly are a blessing to our community.

Your patience and cooperation helps us to make carpool safe for all. 

Warm regards,

Amanda Medina
Chief Financial and Operating Officer