Divisional Contract Reminder

Dear Good Shepherd Families,

We are excited that so many of you have chosen the Tuition Guarantee Program as an added benefit to your Good Shepherd experience. Your savings opportunity for your longer-term commitment to the school varies by grade level but potentially equates to more than $26,000 over your entire educational experience as an entering PreK family. As we start this new school year, please remember, as a result of this financial commitment, the school does require the following regarding divisional contracts:  

  • To maintain your locked divisional tuition rate (no rate increase), Good Shepherd requires you to continue your child’s education through the duration of the divisional contract term, and refrain from applying out at any time during the divisional contract period. 

  • Applying out is defined as one or more of the following: a family submitting a signed records request; a family submitting a request for a teacher evaluation from another school; and/or another school informing Good Shepherd of a family’s admission application. 

  • In the event your family should decide to apply to another school, your divisional contract will be deemed void. You will be issued a re-enrollment contract in late January at the 2021-2022 annual tuition rate. 

  • If you are under a divisional contract and you do not plan to return for the 2021-2022 academic year, December 1st is the deadline for you to notify the school. Applying out is not considered official notification of not returning for the following school year. If you notify the school before December 1st, your financial obligation is limited to the divisional contract savings you received in prior years. If you notify the school after December 1st, there will be additional financial implications. Please refer to your individual student contract for those details.

We certainly hope all of our families continue to choose to stay at Good Shepherd, but we also support and respect each family’s personal choice in the education for their child or children. Thank you for choosing Good Shepherd, and we look forward to another inspiring year with you and your children!

Warm regards, 

Good Shepherd Business Office