Enjoy our new video!

The Communications Team is overjoyed to share our latest marketing video with you! Every day we are thankful for your children, who inspire us to learn with confidence, serve with compassion, and lead with courage. We created these 2 minutes to touch the hearts of our potential applicants, and to leave them with a true sense of the spirit of Good Shepherd - even if they have never set foot on our campus. Our hope is that the video touches your heart as well, and reminds you that every member of our community is a special part of something bigger, something meaningful. 
Please enjoy! 2022 Good Shepherd Marketing Video
As you’ll hear in the video, we are a community that works together to achieve greatness, and we celebrate one another. Special thanks go to:

The following students for their incredible voiceover work:

  • James Johnstone - PreK
  • Bixby Wesley - Kinder
  • Zahin Hussain - 3rd grade
  • Anna Albert - 6th grade
  • Will Schardin - 7th grade

These faculty members for their insightful student nominations:

  • Mary Beth Duke, Kate Foster, Melissa Graham, Jessica Grant, Casey Martin, Becky Rambin, Erica Spriggs, Marcela Uribe, and  Lori Walters.

In addition to this long form video, we have also created a silent version for our website and a short version for digital and social media advertising. Watch for these on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to like, comment, and share!