From Chaplain Rhonda

Dear Friends at Good Shepherd,

Advent is a time of Hope, Waiting, and Anticipation. This year, it seems those words reach beyond the meaning of the Christmas season.

I can’t help but find those words applicable to our daily walk through a COVID-19 pandemic, as we wait for an effective vaccine to be available to us all, and to find an end to this global plight. With much anticipation, we eagerly hope for a time when we have more comfortable days in our lives. We are waiting for some much easier and more joyful days ahead. We all are hopeful for a time we can be together again soon in person, to hug each other, and share visible smiles.

Fortunately, at the core of Christmas, it is a call back to the covenant to renew our commitment to peace on earth - to trust and turn back to the source of life itself. So this year, let the spirit we share during the season of Advent strengthen the bonds we share with each other. In a world that does not need to live one more moment divided by anything, let us remember God gave us heaven on earth on the first Christmas day so long ago. Let us restart and reset with thoughts of that moment. May that be the tie that binds us to come together. Merry Christmas to one and all.

With HOPE in my heart,
Chaplain Rhonda