Good Shepherd Read Aloud (GSRA)

For several years, Good Shepherd has been celebrating October's Global Diversity Awareness Month through the Global Read Aloud (GRA) program. Their theme is, “One Book Connecting the World.” We have read many books from many different featured authors over the years: Elana K. Arnold, Yuyi Morales, Amy Krause Rosenthal, Lauren Castillo, and Peter Reynolds, just to name a few. Two years ago, the teacher who began the GRA program took a hiatus, and that is when the Good Shepherd Read Aloud (GSRA), #readingforachange, was born.

The GSRA is a way for us to continue learning about, and celebrating, the many cultures in our school, local, and global communities. Please join us as we learn as a community by reading picture books that feature a variety of authors, stories, and perspectives. If you have specific questions about the books your child will be reading during GSRA, please contact your child’s teacher directly.