GSES - Blessing of the Animals 2022 next week!

The blessing of the animals will occur on Tuesday, October 4. This is a tradition for the feast day of St. Francis, who was known to have loved animals. Parents should arrive by 8 a.m. to the appropriate location on the map with pets or plush animals. All live animals must be either in a carrier or on a leash, as appropriate, and they must go home with their parents after the blessing is over. Please make sure that the animals stay off the YMCA field and the school playground. Plush animals, however, may stay with students throughout the day. Please remember to pick up after your pets using the bags provided. If you have children in more than one division, you should go to the location of your youngest child. Middle School students will be allowed to join you there if you send a note with them to their advisor. Also, please remember not to park on Northaven during the event—you must be parked in one of the lots. We are looking forward to blessing our furry friends!

Note: Middle School – Please keep your pets on the track, not the sports fields.
Lower School – Please keep your pets off the playground.