Library News: Author, Box Tops, and Birthday Books

Author Visit Scheduled for April 16:  We have rescheduled Nancy Churnin to visit the GSES Library for a date in the fall. We will reissue the book order form at that time.

Box Tops:  Now is the perfect time to download the Box Tops for Education App, create an account, and begin scanning receipts for Box Top credit for the GSES Library! We are all buying groceries more now, and the Box Top app will give the GSES Library credit for each qualifying item purchased. Items are labeled with a Box Tops symbol, but receipts must be scanned for the school to get credit. You simply take a picture of your receipt and the credit registers. You can do it anytime within two weeks of purchase, so you may have some sitting around that you can still scan! Thank you for your support!

Birthday Books:  Birthday Books are currently being purchased for those of you who already returned a Birthday Book order form with your payment. If you did not order a Birthday Book and would like to do so, it's not too late! Please complete THIS FORM and mail it, along with your payment, to the school. We will keep you updated on what kind of reveal we select so the students can see and check out their books. Thank you!