Nichols Hall Renovation and Relocation Information

Dear Good Shepherd Parents,

We are so excited to announce the beginning of our campus renovations! Thanks to your generosity through this year’s Annual Campaign and GSPO’s year-long fundraising efforts, we will be remodeling Nichols Hall to create a beautiful new welcome center and entrance for the school, as well as an additional classroom each for the lower and middle schools. We will begin the renovations to Nichols Hall on March 9th in order to be ready for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. We will start construction on the new classrooms during the summer months. With this exciting new renovation comes a few temporary changes to parking, staff locations, and basic operations.

Secure construction fencing will surround Nichols Hall, preventing any unauthorized entry. Walkways around the building leading to CCL, as well as next to Mackey Chapel, will provide the necessary pathways. Thorough background checks will be made for all construction crew members on campus, and our General Contractor, Tegrity, will provide special badges for their crew. With increased traffic and people on our campus comes a possibility of others outside our community who might want to try to take advantage of the situation. Please remember to remain vigilant and TAKE, LOCK, HIDE any valuables in your cars while on campus.

Parking will be temporarily affected, and we would appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during our construction. Reserved parking spaces in front of Nichols Hall, and handicapped spaces, will be relocated just steps away and will be clearly marked. Please click HERE to view a construction zone map. There will be several parking spaces designated for construction/contractor parking in the south lot, closest to our DRR trailer. Please remember to respect the church parking spaces along Midway Road, and keep those available for church staff and visitors at all times. There are no student pick-up or drop-off locations in front of Trinity Hall (gym), Nichols Hall, or Nix building.

Early Childhood and Lower School Chapel:
Because Mackey Chapel will be the temporary location for the business office, Physical Education, faculty and staff mailboxes, and packages, we will welcome early childhood and lower school students to chapel in the main church.

Middle School Theater Class/Performances:
Middle school theater classes and performances will take place in CCL201 for the remainder of the year since Mackey Chapel will be otherwise occupied by the business office.

Staff Relocations: 
The temporary relocation for our staff members affected by the construction are as follows: 

Mackey Chapel:
Business Office - Melinda Madurai (CFO/COO), Amanda Medina (Controller), Megan Sanders (AP and HR), Jennifer Anderson (AR and Student Billing), Kevin Vaughn (Facilities), and our Security Team
Physical Education Faculty - Andy Blount, Ralph Mestre, Kelsey Swan, and Alex Thompson
Faculty and staff mailboxes
Package drop-off and pick-up

Lower School Computer Lab (second floor):
Advancement - Brandon Starr (Advancement) and Beth Bailey (Advancement Services)
Communications - Toni Luciano (Communications and HR), Jennifer Rotter (Communications), and Candie Esch (Creative Director)
Enrichment and Extended Day - Whitney West (Enrichment/Extended Day), Melinda Baldridge (Extended Day), and Ursula Villarreal (Enrichment)

Technology - Darryl Loy (Technology) and Mike Bailey (Database Administrator)

We will update you often as additional construction and temporary relocation information becomes available. Thank you for joining in our excitement to kick off our campus improvements in the coming months, and for your patience as we navigate these changes to our regular school day routines!


GSES Business Office