Save the Date! Grandparents Day - Update Grandparent(s) Contact Information

We are excited to be hosting Grandparent’s Day on Friday, March 31 this year, and we need your assistance! To ensure everyone is included, we need a valid home address on file for each of your child’s grandparent(s). Please review your Household Profile in the GSES Parent Portal, where you can add or update grandparent information in the section entitled “Grandparents.” Should a grandparent not wish to receive mailings from us, you may choose that option in the parent portal.

Please note: March 31 is not a school day, but will be centered around grandchildren accompanying their grandparents/grandfriends for this special event. 

IMPORTANT: Your child’s grandparent(s) will not receive a Grandparents’ Day invitation if we do not have their correct mailing address on file. Our goal every year is for all Grandparents and Special Friends to be included in this wonderful day!