Summer Program - CIT, Counselor-in-Training Program

We are excited to offer Counselor-in-Training opportunities for students going into 7th grade and up. If you are interested in a training position with the Summer Program at Good Shepherd, please read the information below carefully before registering: 

  • I must commit to the entire week I select, from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. The summer instructors are depending on my attendance.

  • I must attend mandatory CPR and first-aid training, TBD.

  • I may not play with my phone during the camp day.

  • I must dress appropriately for camp. Tennis shoes, t-shirts, and shorts are appropriate, but shorts must be long enough to be seen under shirts.

  • I am here to help the teachers/counselors and interact with my assigned campers. I may not play with my friends who might be participating in other camps.

  • I will be subject to removal from the program if I do not put forth my best effort.

You MUST add CPR and First-Aid Training to your cart in order to be a Counselor in Training. You only need to do this once, even if you are adding multiple CIT weeks throughout the summer.

Register today!