Tech Tips for Good Shepherd's Distant Learners!

Quick Tech Tips:

  • To address the concerns about screen time and writing digitally, families can feel free to print and/or complete assignments using paper & pen/pencil. Once completed, simply submit the assignment by taking a picture and adding it to Seesaw or Schoology.
  • Restart Chromebooks at the beginning of the day for optimal performance.
  • Designate times and/or activities that are not technology based. 

Zoom Tips:

  • Zoom meetings do not require students to have a Zoom account.
  • ​​​​​​​Zoom meetings do not require anything to be installed on the Chromebook.

Family WiFi Troubles?
​​​​​​​(See for more details.)

  • Keep your router updated.
  • Get a stronger router antenna.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Pick the best location for your router.
  • Work as closely to your router as possible.
  • Turn off “smart devices” you are not using.

​​​​​​​Email for technology support such as app updates, links to blocked web resources, and repairs.