The Monarch Experience Explores "Belonging" with Susie Wise

Last week, The Monarch Experience welcomed Susie Wise for a two-part Zoom workshop, “Design for Belonging.” Susie Wise is a nationally-renowned designer, founder, and faculty member of the K12 Lab at Stanford University. On Tuesday, participants included educators and non-educators from local and national organizations such as SMU, Princeton University Theological Seminary, the San Jose Public Library Foundation, Target, as well as friends from Ursuline and Good Shepherd.

Susie Wise received a grant from the Mira Fellowship to explore the importance of belonging in learning and productivity. On the first day of the workshop, she explained, “belonging cannot be created. It can be designed for.” Participants learned about opportunities and levers that nurture belonging. Dr. Wise shared design tools with the group for prototyping their own belonging design plan. In the second session, participants shared their experiences testing the design tools. Then in pairs, they brainstormed next moves in addressing their own designs for belonging.

Susie Wise will be publishing her research on design for belonging in a new book with Ten Speed Press next year.