The Power of Creativity - Techie Factory

Kids love Techie Factory! We're not just about serious programming (but we do a great job at it)! Whether they love tech, creativity, music, gaming, video making, LEGO's, Minecraft, or Roblox, we have a great after-school option. We've always enjoyed working with the kids at Good Shepherd, and we have a great partnership.

When you sign up for one of our in-person, after-school labs, you'll save 10%, and we'll donate $100 to the after school/summer program at GSES. USE CODE: GSES when registering.

Everybody wins! Check out the fun options:

Not sure which after-school lab is the best for your children? Come on in, and try it out for FREE to make sure they'll love it. Call, text, or email for more information: or 214-614-8166.