The Season of Lent

This year, the season of Lent takes place from Wednesday, February 17, to Thursday, April 1, 2021, while Easter is on Sunday, April 3. The school’s Ash Wednesday service will be a pre-recorded video by Father Mills, Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, and it will be shared with our first through eighth grade students in their classrooms at 8:15 on Wednesday morning. Self-imposition kits will be blessed by Father Mills and will be distributed with instructions to each classroom prior to the service.

The Lenten journey of 40 days does not include Sundays, so the season is technically 46 days long. It begins with an ancient custom of placing palm ashes on the forehead. The symbol of the ashes reminds us we all came from the earth and will return to the earth someday. They are marked on our forehead as a sign of God’s cleansing and healing power given to us. The ashes are made by burning palm branches from the previous year’s Palm Sunday service. The word Lent comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "long days." Each year, honoring the long days of Lent allows us the opportunity to honor Jesus through our own self-discipline during the season.

We encourage you, as parents, to join us in the sharing of Lent with your children. What a wonderful time for some spiritual renewal for all of us.                       

In Peace,

Chaplain Rhonda and Fr. Gardner