Visitor Management System (VMS) Raptor Update

Since 2010, Good Shepherd has utilized a Visitor Management System (VMS) as an extra layer of safety for our students. The system scans the driver’s license of all visitors for a check against a sex-offender registry. During 2020, the school upgraded the software for this system, which required a clearing of existing registrations; therefore, upon each visitor’s first visit to campus, it will be required to check in at the Nichols Hall main school entrance to provide a driver’s license to register in the VMS system (even if that visitor has registered in previous years). It takes only a short minute to complete this process, and going forward, a registered visitor will need to provide only a name.

A ‘visitor’ is defined as any individual who is not a current employee or student at Good Shepherd. Visitors include, but are not limited to: parents, relatives, service/repair technicians, volunteers, substitute teachers, and tutors. 

Badge creation: Thermal badges are printed at the time of sign-in, identifying the visitor, the date and time, and the visitor’s destination on campus. If appropriate, notes can be added by staff at the time of sign-in to appear on the badge.

Monitoring: Raptor offers real-time sex offender match alert monitoring during Good Shepherd business hours. If a match does occur to the offender information, the software sends instant alerts to designated administrators via email or text based on parameters defined by Good Shepherd.     

Thank you for your cooperation and help in ensuring the safety and security of all our students.