Welcome all Furry, Fun, Family Pets!

GSES will Celebrate Blessing of the Animals on Tuesday, October 4! 

In honor of the feast day of Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals, we will have the Blessing of the Animals ceremony on campus Tuesday, October 4. Parents should arrive with their pets at 8 a.m. All live animals must be either in a carrier or on a leash. Pets will go home with parents after the celebration unless they are plush animals, in which case, they may stay with the student throughout the day. Please remember to pick up after your pets using the waste bags provided. 

In the event your child is allergic to or afraid of animals, let their teacher know, and a quiet place in the Library will be made available for them during the blessing. If there is inclement weather, this event will not be rescheduled. 

Please note: If you have children in more than one division, send a note to the advisor to let them know your older student has permission to meet a younger sibling in their division location. Next week, a map will be attached to designate all locations. 

Refer to the map next week for each location.