What is a GSES Social FUNdraiser? Hint...it's FUN!

Social FUNdraisers, formerly known as GSES Socials, are social gatherings that raise funds in a FUN way. They’re hosted, and sponsored, by GSES parents like YOU. Hosts choose the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO the FUNdraiser is hosting. The WHY is to support GSES - and of course, to have a great time with friends. Some Social FUNdraisers are grade specific and others are for parents only. It’s your party, so it’s your choice! 

So how do these FUN gatherings raise money? GSES receives 100% of the amount each guest pays to attend your Social FUNdraiser. For instance, if you want to throw a 4th grade girls' roller skating Social FUNdraiser, you, and any co-hosts, make arrangements for the event and cover the costs. The hosts, co-hosts, and Social FUNdraisers co-chairs determine the cost to attend your event. The GSES community goes crazy for your idea, and money is raised! 

Pitch your own Fall or Spring Social FUNdraiser idea, or borrow a theme below and email it to Social FUNdraisers’ Co-Chairs Heather Conover and Sabra Girard soon!

Girl’s Ice Cream Social / Dad’s Bourbon Tasting Social / Primer Bubble Truck Social / Lower School Pizza Social / Skating Social/ Couples Cooking Class Social / Kid’s Karaoke Social / Mom’s Christmas Gift Wrapping Social / Daddy Daughter Dance Social / End of Year Pool Social / Mom’s Holiday Wine & Dine Social / Dad’s Poker Party / Boys’ Basketball Social/ Men’s March Madness Social / GSES Girls’ Volleyball Teams’ Social / GSES Football Team Social