SPACE Week 2019: Experience the Wonder!
SPACE Week 2019: Experience the Wonder!

The Good Shepherd Library was once again transformed into the Good Shepherd SPACE Museum February 11-14, 2019. Numerous NASA and space travel artifacts from Rich Overbeck's personal collection filled the room. Vintage rockets, engines, and memorabilia covered the shelves, and posters and photographs filled the walls. Students were able to view each and every one of these items on visits to the museum throughout the week.

In addition to viewing the extensive collection, SPACE Week also brought experts in space travel to the Good Shepherd campus. Retired NASA Astronaut Don Thomas spoke to all students in three presentations on Monday. Mr. Thomas showed the students personal photos and told stories from his four space missions, and students had the opportunity to ask questions about space travel. Students and teachers enjoyed hearing all about what a typical day in space is like for our NASA astronauts.

Margaret Baguio, program manager for Education and Outreach at the Texas Space Grant Consortium, spent two days leading all lower school students in a variety of activities having to do with space travel. Lower school students created pom-pom launchers to learn about angle and velocity, explored crater formation, and built landing devices for space craft.

Su Curley, NASA space suit engineer, spoke to students in PreK - 5th grade on Thursday. She brought along "Larry," an actual EVA space suit. She spoke with students about space suit technology, and how she helps create and test the very space suits that go into space.

Mrs. Baguio and Mrs. Curley both attended the Night at the SPACE Museum event, open to Good Shepherd families, held on Wednesday, February 13th. Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion welcomed families to the event, and everyone was invited to try some TANG. Parents and children viewed the artifacts and visited the planetarium for lessons by Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Scott. Families were able to meet Su Curley and visit with Larry, and take photos in front of a NASA background. Mrs. Baguio also led children in a rocket-making activity, and the rockets were then launched across the courtyard.

Throughout the week, individual classroom and specials teachers incorporated the study of space into their lessons. Ms. Rocha shared pieces of music composed by Gustav Holst that were inspired by each of the planets. Third grade students in Mrs. White's class built LEGO creations inspired by space travel. Primer students used giant outdoor blocks to make space ships they could actually ride in. It was another successful SPACE Week at Good Shepherd, full of exploration and plenty of excitement.