The Monarch Experience
The Monarch Experience

The Monarch Experience

By Laura Cole

Educators in North Texas are leading the industry to innovate education. How might we leverage local expertise and educator mindsets to amplify excellence in teaching and learning everywhere?

The answer: The Monarch Experience! This new initiative will support a growing cohort of creative, curious, and talented educators who collaborate to bring the best experiences to all students.

The Monarch Experience, powered by Good Shepherd Episcopal School, offers many opportunities to engage with like-minded educators from around the world who continue to grow and support the development of the very best practices in education. Through workshops, speakers, webinars, and fellow teacher presenters, The Monarch Experience provides the forum for collaboration in order to strengthen the voices of expert teachers and to share ideas.

This fall, we kicked off the school year with the YouCubed team offering its one day workshop on "Mathematical Mindsets." Harnessing the expertise of Dr. Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams, more than 50 regional educators joined 70 GSES staff to strengthen their understanding of teaching mathematics in more effective, research-driven ways.

Next, a team from Girls Driving for a Difference (GDD) came to The Monarch Experience for two days of design-thinking leadership workshops for middle school girls. Almost two hundred students from the Dallas area were on the Good Shepherd campus to participate in this distinguished program developed at the Stanford

During the visit, GDD staff served on an informal panel open to educators and parents who wanted to learn more about middle school girls and their development as leaders. Questions and discussion followed the panel presentation.

In January, Dr. Boaler will join our community for an evening presentation to educators and parents to discuss the experience of using the YouCubed tools with students. The audience may reflect on the Mathematical Mindsets Program, and Dr.Boaler will be available for questions.

We will focus on boys when Ashanti Branch comes to Dallas this spring as an expert guest of The Monarch Experience. Mr. Branch will offer his "Removing the Mask Workshop" to middle school and high school boys. He will also give a presentation on "Raising Strong Men" to the greater Dallas community. Local university and other school partners have stepped forward to collaborate to bring Mr. Branch to Dallas.

Spring and summer Monarch Experiences will include "Design for Change" from Boston, MA and "Project Wayfinder" from Palo Alto, CA. Any additional presenters interested in joining The Monarch Experience schedule should contact Laura Cole, Director of Partnerships and Collaborations, at

A crucial piece of The Monarch Experience is participation by Good Shepherd staff and other local experts in sharing their knowledge. We know that sharing expertise builds creative confidence and collaborative connections.These offerings will help support and define where we are now in innovating education and where we can make new advances looking forward.

The Monarch Experience will keep Dallas at the leading edge of innovation in education by supporting our local educators with fresh perspectives and opportunities to reflect and design. Please join the Monarch Experience in this pursuit. We will continuously update opportunities for learning and for sharing at