Unfolding Brilliance - Giving Students Wings to Soar!
Unfolding Brilliance - Giving Students Wings to Soar!

Unfolding Brilliance: One Student at a Time
by Amy Raney

In a purely collaborative effort between parents, students, administration, and teachers, a new plan was envisioned to meet the additional needs of our middle school students. The plan was to create a Middle School Academic Learning Lab to assist our middle school students in learning important organizational, time management, and study skills in order to prepare them for their future education in high school and beyond. It takes time to set a plan like this in motion, with so many moving parts, but the entire Good Shepherd community took it on with enthusiasm.

Last year, with the help of countless members of our community and the financial support of the Good Shepherd Parents' Organization, the Middle School Academic Learning Lab opened its doors. The way the new furniture is arranged provides an environment well-suited for study and encourages student flexibility and creativity.

Good Shepherd is always looking for innovative ways to learn and to stay on the cutting edge of educational best practices. Teachers and administrators find and use various educational tools to enhance learning experiences for our students. We know children learn at different speeds, through different processes, and are developmentally different along the way, so searching for the right tools for the job at hand is crucial to educational success.

The Learning Lab is available to qualifying middle school students to give them the tools they need to be successful, engaged learners. Tools like iExcel and Imagine Math provide new opportunities for students to explore math concepts. The Lab also provides the appropriate environment for our teachers to adjust reading levels, engaging each and every student at his or her reading comprehension level.

The ultimate goal when our students leave Good Shepherd is they know who they are as learners, and they have the tools they need to thrive outside of our campus. We want to give them their wings to soar!