FINANCE AND FACILITIES: to be good stewards of the school’s finances and facilities


Board - to increase the amount of non-tuition revenue, to build cash reserves and endowment in order to uplift operating budget and reduce tuition increases, and to provide and update a strategic financial plan.

School - to create plans for non-tuition revenue, to research outside financial resources, and to develop a business continuity plan.


Board - to consider and approve a facilities master plan, including the implementation of an updated feasibility study, to examine the full utilization of existing spaces, and to provide security enhancements. 

School - to begin a capital campaign, to review and analyze the maximum utilization of our facilities for all programs. 

“To see Good Shepherd’s mission statement in action, look no further that to the students. They are joyful, diligent, confident learners, who exhibit a high level of excitement and engagement in the learning process.”