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Join your House. Find your home.

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A long-standing tradition in British schools, the house system creates healthy competition, promotes good work habits and behaviors, encourages teamwork, and brings everyone together.

We developed the GSES house system in 2018 to support our mission statement: Students lead their houses and grade levels; they serve the school and the community at large; and they learn invaluable life and leadership skills.

How it works

  • Each Middle School student (Grades 5–8) is assigned to one of four houses
  • Middle School faculty are divided among the four houses

  • Houses work together and compete in academic, fine arts, athletic, school spirit, and community service activities

  • Seventh grade students can serve as House Representatives

  • Eighth grade students can serve as House Leaders, nominated by faculty and elected by students

  • Student leaders plan and execute meetings and events with help from faculty

House Selection Day is filled with excitement! Fifth-graders and their older peers engage in activities that lead up to a big reveal: their House for middle school!

How it helps

The house system benefits students individually and collectively by fostering:

  • Positive peer pressure
  • Unity and inclusion
  • Camaraderie
  • School pride and school spirit
  • Healthy competition
  • Strong interpersonal relationships
  • Individual confidence

As a member of a house, each student can:

  • Build and practice leadership skills
  • Mentor younger students
  • Discover and showcase their abilities and talents
  • Interact with students and faculty outside the classroom

Any student may present an idea or concern to the House Council—so that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

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