Legacy Gift Information

Graduating Good Shepherd eighth graders prepare to make their mark on the world, while their families come together to leave their marks on Good Shepherd. This special year is full of traditions and milestones leading up to graduation, including the Legacy Gift – an important appeal of our Annual Campaign just for our eighth-grade families. The funds raised throughout this momentous year are designated for a specific project that will have a lasting impact, not just for the Good Shepherd friends they leave behind, but for generations to come.  Dollars raised for the Legacy Gift will count toward participation for the Annual Campaign.

Class of 2020

The GSES Class of 2020 Legacy Gift will be the installation of new, state of the art outdoor marquees which will impact our community now and in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Legacy Gift determined?

Three potential capital priorities are identified and vetted by the Head of School, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, and other school leadership. Current and future plans for the growth of our campus, such as what you might find in a master plan, are also taken into consideration.

Once the top three priorities are identified, a student committee, comprised of student council members, service-leadership members, and teacher recommendations, represents the graduating class. This small group presents the three possibilities to their class -often as a video or slideshow presentation during a lunch period. The class then votes on which capital project will become their Legacy Gift.

With the Legacy Gift decided, an administrative committee is convened to further research the gift, including costs, liabilities, ongoing maintenance fees, timing of purchases, and any other pertinent information. The Advancement Office works to communicate those details to the eighth-grade families as they become available.

How are the funds raised?

The Legacy Gift is a special appeal of the Annual Campaign. Undesignated gifts made through the Annual Campaign by any eighth-grade family are automatically applied to the Legacy Gift appeal. A donor may also designate a gift specifically to the Legacy Gift appeal, for example if a grandparent wanted to also contribute to the Legacy Gift.

Other opportunities for Legacy Gift fundraising include an annual eighth-grade carwash, parent restaurant events, and even a lemonade stand.

Does our Legacy Gift count for participation?

As soon as any Annual Campaign gift or pledge is received by GSES, the donor family is credited with participation in each enrolled child’s class. Additional gifts for any other campaign appeals, for example the COE Endowment Fund, are always welcome, but only one gift or pledge is needed, for participation to be counted for all of your enrolled children.

Previous Legacy Gifts

'19 COE Van

'18 New Lockers in Hoffman Middle School

'17 Outdoor Learning Space

'16 2nd Mini-Bus

’15 1st Mini-Bus

’14 Classroom of the Earth (COE) Supplies

’13 Way-finding Signage

’12 Midway Entrance

’11 Flag Plaza

’10 Green Screen for the SPARQ Lab

’09 CCL Lobby